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Where Do Natural Disasters Most Affect Home Insurance Costs?

Barely through the middle of 2011, we have already witnessed devastating tornadoes and hurricanes rummage through the country. And in 2010, more natural disasters hit in a single year than any over the past 60 years. For homeowners in the affected areas, that likely means facing insurance rate hikes in the future. It’s only logical, of course, that the more risky a certain area is deemed to be, the higher the insurance premiums charged by insurers in that area. But some of the results in our infographic may surprise you. We take a look at average annual property losses (on a per-household basis) and average home insurance costs, using the the latest data available: 2000-2009 for property losses, and 2008 for insurance costs.

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2 responses to “Where Do Natural Disasters Most Affect Home Insurance Costs?”

  1. Max says:

    Why would Hawaii and Alaska be in the $801-$1,000? I would think it would be much less in those states.

  2. miracle2u says:

    I like the chart on the article above, it clearly showing to us the allocation of the natural disasters and its effect on the insurance cost! Nice job, dude!

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