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Holiday Debt? Use These Tips to Pay It Off Sooner!

After the holidays it can look like a tornado hit your savings account. But don’t get the financial blues. We’re here to help you get on track, pay off your debt and avoid using your savings for your Christmas presents next year.

INFOGRAPHIC: If Santa Had a Credit Score…

Every year, he makes a list and checks it twice. He notes who’s naughty or nice. Indeed, Santa Claus is coming to town. But while you know what his job is, have you ever wondered what his finances look like? Based on what we know of him, we suspect his credit score probably looks something like this.

The Holidays Are Here! In Need of a Little Extra Cash?

No matter how much money you have, it’s always nice to have a little extra over the holidays. It may seem that accruing debt during the holiday season is, unfortunately, the American way.

3 Money-Saving Tips for Happy Holiday Shopping

Did it sneak up on you too? The holiday season is almost upon us—and that means holiday shopping, and a lot of it. Many consumers will spend more on credit cards in the last five weeks of the year than they spent during the first forty-seven.

Personal Finance Lessons from Leprechauns

It’s that time of the year again–when the Irish celebrate their ancient heritage and everyone else around the world celebrates it, too–with lots of drink, music, and general merriment. As symbols of luck and fortune, leprechauns represent one of the most cherished characters in Irish folklore. And this St. Patrick’s Day, we realized that they

For Love or Money: How to be Frugal on Valentine’s Day without being Cheap

(source) I got my favorite gift for Valentine’s Day the first year I dated.  Being somewhat of a late bloomer, I had lived through a lot of “Singles Awareness Days.” So that first time I had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day– even though we just went to a diner, we weren’t dressed up, and it

Avoid Thrashing Your Credit Score During The Holidays

A solid credit score is one of the most powerful financial assets you can possess. But if you aren’t careful, the holidays can hurt your score.  Many consumers, anxious to please everyone on their gift list, end up making mistakes that haunt them all year long – and for many years to come. The good

Be the Greatest Gift Giver Ever

When I moved into my apartment a couple years ago as a single woman trying to pay off loans and become financially stable, my last thought was toward decorating my home for the holidays. That year I was given a used artificial tree, a few second-hand strings of lights and oh so many ornaments. A

Ways to Make Money During the Holidays & Beyond

(source) Between wrapping paper and gifts, trees and lights, special food and drinks, the holidays can sometimes feel like money is just disappearing from the bank account. It’s easy to give up, with an already too busy to breathe schedule, and just put it all on the credit card. However, if you don’t want to

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Earn Money for the Holidays

When it comes to the holidays, one of the biggest things on everyone’s mind is: how am I going to pay for everything?  In addition to all the gifts you’ll be buying, you can be assured that your entertainment, travel, and grocery bills are all likely to spike as well. Figuring out how to pay

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