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All About That Lump of Coal in Christmas Stocking

Coal has held a multifunctional role in history. It has been a force behind the industrial revolution, increases in CO2, and the practice of punishing naughty children on Christmas morning. Here’s how the tradition of that lump of coal came about and why getting a bit of coal for the holidays may not be a

Beware of Hidden Costs of Hot Holiday Gifts

(source) Anyone with small children knows that no holiday gift-opening event is complete without batteries. Although relatively inexpensive, batteries are an additional cost to many toys, and the need for batteries for a particular toy is typically printed right on the package. However, some of this year’s hottest holiday gifts have a hidden price tag

Five Frugal Holiday Gifting Tips

(source) While retailers are expecting a busier holiday season than last year, predictions say that recession economics will still play a factor in 2010 as some of us  are understandably shy about racking up debt. Nothing makes the holidays brighter than thinking about recessions and budgets, right? Seriously, there are ways not to be a

What’s Normal for Consumers to Spend This Holiday Season?

The holiday season is not an inexpensive one. Every year, many of us begin January not with warm memories of the season just passed, but with credit card bills demanding to be repaid. For some consumers, this year figures to be no different. Since debt is such a widespread and accepted part of the season,

How to Make Halloween Costumes Out of Your Past-Due Notices

The worst of recession has not completely gone away, no matter what the economists over at the National Bureau of Economic Research say. With our last inflated pennies going toward suspicious-looking “food” items off of the McDonald’s dollar menu, lotto tickets, and drugstore wine, it’s starting to seem like there will be no money left

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