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It’s Open Enrollment Season! 4 Strategies to Lower Your Healthcare Costs

Medical and Health Care Costs

It’s open enrollment season—the time where employers present workers with their health insurance options for the next calendar year. If your expected costs for 2013 are higher than what you’re currently paying, don’t be surprised.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Rich Get Ready to Reinvest!

Although many affluent Americans are still taking a “wait and see” approach to their finances, signs of recovery are clear. According to a new study from Merrill Lynch, affluent Americans may have accepted that “economic uncertainty is the new normal,” but there is home on the horizon.

Links We Love: Spend Smarter, Cut Your Energy Bill and More!

Taking a look at the personal finance tips and advice from others on the web!

Engaged to Someone With Bad Credit? What to Know Before Tying the Knot

When you’re madly in love and preparing to walk down the aisle, asking the other person about his or her credit history may be the furthest thing from your mind. Love conquers all, right?

Infographic: Can Credit Profiles Predict Which Way a State Will Swing?

Economic issues have dominated the political conversation in recent years. And this election season, we’ve heard more about them than ever before. Can you predict how a state is going to vote based on the credit profile of people who live there?

Should You Consider a Short Sale?

For homeowners who owe more on their home than it’s currently worth, convincing the bank to accept less money than the loan is the only way to sell. But there are drawbacks. Here’s what you need to know about short sales.

This Week in Money Management: Need Extra Money?

(source) 1. In a pinch? Employers are more often allowing 401(k) withdrawals for hardship, but there’s a cost. {MoneyCrush} 2. Being the landlord is a way to own property and earn cash, but there’s a risk to weigh. Should you look into rental properties as an additional income? {LittleMissMoneybags} 3. Like many new year’s resolutions, the economic

This Week in Money Management: Will Bribes Save You Money?

(source) 1. Are bribes becoming more socially acceptable? Is it just the way the world works or is there something wrong with giving or taking a bribe. {Bargaineering} 2. US stocks rebound after Japanese earthquake. Oil prices are slumping as predictions forecast a decrease in demand from Japanese consumers. {USA Today} 3. With gas prices leaping up

This Week in Money Management: Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

(source) 1. There’s about a month left until this year’s tax filing deadline.  Here are 16 tax deductions you want to make sure you don’t miss.  {Wisebread} 2. Americans are paying less into FICA this year. What does that mean for you? {Moolanomy} 3. Republicans axed housing programs intended to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. They

This Week in Money Management: American Life

(source) 1. States across the Union are in trouble financially. Wisconsin’s governor is seeking to correct this by taking down the workers’ unions. How might this affect the American worker? {The Daily Show} 2. Getting a tax refund? Here’s how NOT to spend it. {MSN Money} 3. What are the four different types of taxes,

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