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This Week in Money Management: American Life

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1. States across the Union are in trouble financially. Wisconsin’s governor is seeking to correct this by taking down the workers’ unions. How might this affect the American worker? {The Daily Show}

2. Getting a tax refund? Here’s how NOT to spend it. {MSN Money}

3. What are the four different types of taxes, and how do you decrease them? {MoneyCrashers}

4. Bank of America and other big banks face some big fees for mortgage foreclosure “mishap.” {The New York Times}

5. Keep your home running like clockwork without spending a fortune. {The Digerati Life}

6. Housing prices are falling again. Is there a way out of this mess? {The Boston Globe}

7. Time is money… so how do you spend yours? {Carnival of Personal Finance}

8. Is buying in bulk all it’s cracked up to be? How do you sift out the deals from the money traps? {Wisebread}

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