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This Week in Money Management: Getting a Good Deal on Real Estate and Taxes


1. Looking to purchase a home in a small town? Make sure your real estate agent is giving you a good deal. {Smart Money}

2. Buy low, right? For many, this is the time to start investing in real estate. But it’s not necessarily time for everyone to invest. {The Smarter Wallet}

3. Cashed in on the tax credit for buying a new home in 2008? If so, did you realize it’s time to start paying the government back?  {MSNBC}

4. What are your chances of an IRS audit? {My Money Blog}

5. The IRS got a late start this year because of tax law changes, but is now ready to accept itemized tax returns. {Bible Money Matters}

6. The government is launching a pilot program to issue debit cards for this year’s tax refunds. {Bargaineering}

7. Love Trader Joe’s? Some deals may be better than others. Here’s a tip sheet for what’s worth the trip and what’s not. {EatingWell Magazine}

8. Smurfs Village game leads to spending spree for one 8-year-old girl. {The Consumerist}

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