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This Week in Money Management: Need Extra Money?

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1. In a pinch? Employers are more often allowing 401(k) withdrawals for hardship, but there’s a cost. {MoneyCrush}

2. Being the landlord is a way to own property and earn cash, but there’s a risk to weigh. Should you look into rental properties as an additional income? {LittleMissMoneybags}

3. Like many new year’s resolutions, the economic recovery of 2011 is already flailing. Housing may provide answers as to how we can get back on track. {MarketWatch}

4. A new Visa card program allowing money transactions could open up new avenues for convenience and scams. {The Consumerist}

5. Not itemizing this year? You can still get a tax break. {WLTX}

6. Will defunding NPR save money–or is all the show just a political maneuver? {The Seattle Times}

7. Some banks are returning bailout money (in the billions), and some are hanging on to it as they continue to struggle. {New York Times}

8. Lending books in the 21st century save money, conserve resources, and are just kind of cool. {Mint}

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