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This Week in Money Management: Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

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1. There’s about a month left until this year’s tax filing deadline.  Here are 16 tax deductions you want to make sure you don’t miss.  {Wisebread}

2. Americans are paying less into FICA this year. What does that mean for you? {Moolanomy}

3. Republicans axed housing programs intended to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. They stated the programs didn’t work and cost taxpayers too much. Are they right? {Market Watch}

4. Is bigger always better? Choosing to live in a smaller house has its advantages. {The Digerati Life}

5. And speaking of downsizing… here are some tips on how to downgrade your job without downgrading your life.  {The Simple Dollar}

6. Could Wisconsin Governor Walker’s plan to decrease the state deficit really work? {Reuters}

7. What are the rules, risks and strategies for short selling stocks? And should you do it? {Money Crashers}

8. Is saving $1 million for retirement possible? {Give Me My Five Bucks Back}

9. It may be sunnier in the south, but people living there tend to have higher credit card debt. {CNN Money}

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