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This Week in Money Management: Underemployed–Young, Educated and Falling Behind


It’s back-to-school season and millions of bright-eyed young adults are heading to campus, eager to learn and open up their horizons. After all, a college (or graduate) degree is the first step towards a successful career, right? In this week’s money management roundup, we tackle the issue of education and careers, as seen by some of our favorite personal finance bloggers.

1. With degrees (and maybe even some experience tucked under their belt), many young and hopeful college graduates are finding themselves in low-paying hospitality, food service and other jobs not utilizing the degree (or where a degree might even be a disqualifier). You should be just-oh-so-grateful to be employed, though, right? Life Tuner sizes up the situation.

2. Going back to school for a graduate degree is for many the next best thing to finding a steady career-track job. Get the next degree. Get specialized. Or, as Slate points out… get deeper into debt.

3. When did the recession end, again? After all the news of job creation and sector growth, what are the real before and after numbers? The Huffington Post uncovers the myths, and it’s not pretty.

4. Looking for a job? Hit the streets. PT Money lays out a down-and-dirty look at what it might take to get a job in this economy.

5. So, you landed the interview… but with your barista salary, your wardrobe could use a little help (say nothing about your haircut). Chances are, you will turn to the plastic in your wallet to cover those costs — and that could end up a costly mistake, if you use the wrong card. Everything Finance reviews the best credit cards for the job seeker to help you get prepared.

6. While Hurricane Irene may not have been the powerhouse most expected, she did leave plenty of flooding and opportunities for sickness in her path. USA Today explains how to avoid the possibility of contamination without having to throw everything out of your fridge.

7. Some places inevitably were damaged in the storm, and Forbes goes over how to file for hurricane insurance.

8. Need a little escape from the twin disasters of economy and ecology? Wisebread wizens you up to how to score music for free… and legally.

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