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This Week in Money Management: Your Retirement Future

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1. Nervous about entering into investment waters? Get started at a doggy paddle pace. {The Smarter Wallet}

2. Putting all your eggs into the stock-market basket? Be wary of the problems with a retirement based only on the stock market. {The Money Blog}

3. Baby Boomers see problems looming for their retirement. Avoid their mistakes. {US News & World Report}

4. Personal financial benchmarks come in all shapes and sizes: paying off debt, a new home, retirement… but in the end, it all boils down to net worth. Here’s how to use it to track your progress. {Funny About Money}

5. Merger Aftermath: What the AT&T and T-Mobile merger means for customers. {KIVI TV}

6. AT&T teams up with Ford for new wireless partnership in their electric cars. {Detroit Free Press}

7. Nuclear futures uneasy and coal demand may skyrocket as the fallout from Japan’s troubled facilities continues to settle. {Business Week}

8. Bankruptcy might seem like the only option with overwhelming debts, but with these 10 steps, even the most burdened can find their way out. {Moneyning}

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