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Thrifty Find: Original Picasso Linocut for $14

(Image courtesy of Columbus Dispatch)

Everyone has heard legendary stories about a man stumbling into a thrift shop and accidentally going home with a priceless work of art. But that might be exactly what happened to Zach Bodish of Columbus, OH. He went into a thrift store, laid down $14 plus tax and walked out with what might turn out to be an original Picasso linocut that the artist made for himself in the late 1950s.

Bodish knew he was onto something more than just a cheap poster when he saw a red mark in the poster’s corner. Further inspection found “original print, signed proof” in French and “6/100.” If the print turns out to be real, it could net Bodish as much as $12,000 at auction, according to Collin Binkley of the Columbus Dispatch.

A Picasso fan, the artist’s name stood out to Bodish as he traced his regular path through the local thrift store. Not an art collector, Bodish said that he started shaking a bit as he began closely inspecting the piece. Lower numbers, like the one Bodish found, have a greater value, because they are still prepared by the artist’s own hand, not printed off as a higher number might be.

Thrift store employees carefully comb donations to try and catch pieces like the Picasso print, hoping to sell more valuable pieces for greater values. Still, they aren’t able to catch everything.

Bodish has said that he would prefer to keep the piece, but will probably have to sell it. Laid off two years ago, he’s been unable to find full-time work in his field, the arts. Still, one thing makes him a little less reticent to sell off the piece — he’s not a fan of brown.

Have you found a thrifty deal that turned out to be worth a pretty penny? Share your thrifty finds in the comments below — we love hearing stories like these– if only the rest of us were so lucky!



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