This Week in Money Management: Enjoying the “Fruits” of your Labor'/
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A good percentage of Americans are just waking up from their annual Thanksgiving-related food coma, and discussing eats may seem premature.  When you consider that one-third of U.S. consumers expect food prices to cut into their holiday spending, however, it proves that frugal food handling is an important topic.

Here are some of the best food-related bits from the web this week – all designed to keep your taste buds delighted and your pocketbook intact.

1.  If you toss the pit when you open a fresh avocado, you may be setting yourself up for a quick spoil.  Get 24 other expert tips for keeping your fruits and veggies fresh, thanks to Ashley Watson and the team at Wise Bread.

2.  Those slow-roasted rotisserie chickens at your grocer’s deli do look delicious, but are they simply a trap for wasting money?  Trent from The Simple Dollar weighs in on why he’d only buy one in an emergency, and how much you’ll save by roasting your own.

3.  There’s mac and cheese from a box… and then there’s this scrumptious, affordable dish from Martha Stewart, prepared with love by Amy from Mom Advice.  Can you even compare the two?

4.  We assume you still have a bit of turkey clinging to the bones of your holiday main dish; here are some practical and delicious ways to use up every last bite, compliments of Not Made of Money.

5.  If airing your dirty laundry is an effective way to stay accountable for your errors, how about airing your molding food?  The Frugal Girl‘s weekly “Food Waste Friday” feature is a clever and too-true account of the ways food waste affects our budgets.  What have you wasted this week?

6.  The key to making red meat affordable (for those who eat it) is to make sure you’re buying it and using it correctly.  This mini-tutorial from Totally Money gives you a peek inside the cuts of a cow, as well as a few tested tips for cooking it perfectly!

7.  Thanks to shows like Extreme Couponing, the word “stockpiling” has gotten a bad reputation.  The practice of keeping an adequate supply of certain basic food staples on hand at all times is still a good one, however.  Let All You give you the skills to get started.

8.  Groupon has made headlines a few times this week; News of their slumping IPO hit investors hard, and the bizarre headline that 102,000 cupcakes offered through one of their deals could have killed a small London bakery.  Could this be the beginning of the end for the food and entertainment deal site? (via Seeking Alpha and MSNBC)

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Published November 28, 2011 Updated: December 28, 2012
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