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Credit Sesame is constantly looking for ways to help consumers navigate the confusing world that is credit and personal finance. We have rounded up some of the best features of our site that set us apart from the rest. Take a look and see how Credit Sesame can enable you to become a master of your finances.

Find the Best Rates on CDs, Savings and Money Market Accounts

Maximizing your money and earning more from your savings just got a lot easier. At Credit Sesame, our mission is to empower consumers to make smart, educated decisions about their finances and credit. Today we’re taking that goal a step further with the launch of our new banking channel —giving Credit Sesame users another way to make smart financial decisions with their interest bearing savings options.

Credit Sesame’s new banking channel offers an easy to use interest rate comparison tool that helps you search and compare interest rates on CDs, Savings and Money Market accounts to make sure you’re getting the best rates and earning the most from your money.

“Getting the best interest rate should be a simple thing, but it’s not,” says Olivier Lemaignen, Credit Sesame’s Chief Marketing Officer. “When you decide to open an interest-bearing savings account, there are many choices—literally hundreds of banks, each with their own interest rates—and no one is looking out for you. That’s why we’re excited to launch this new banking channel. Banks know how to get the most out of their money; Credit Sesame’s banking channel gives individuals the power to do the same.”

How it Works

With our new interest rate comparison tool, Credit Sesame helps you search and compare rates from multiple banks to find the right interest bearing account for your needs:

  • Get more for your money with an interest bearing savings account
  • Find the best Money Market account available on the market today
  • Earn more interest from your money with a Certificate of Deposit

If you’re looking to maximize your return and find the highest yielding banking products available, Credit Sesame can help. Visit our new banking channel to search and compare your options and start earning more interest on your money today!

Showcase Your Financial Responsibility With Our New Credit Badge™ Program

CS badge
In a time when being financially responsible is more important than ever, we could all benefit from being able to prove — even promote — the fact that we are managing our finances and credit in a responsible manner.

In a recent survey commissioned by Credit Sesame, the overwhelming majority of respondents said they were were more likely to buy from someone on Craigslist or eBay (78% of respondents), hire a job candidate (80%) or even go on a first date with someone (68%) if they knew that person had excellent credit.

Companies have long been able to demonstrate their good business standing and security by posting logos from BBB, VeriSign, and Trust-e on their webpages. But when it comes to consumers, even as we increasingly share even the smallest details of our personal lives through social media and networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we haven’t had a means of showcasing the fact that we are able to handle our finances responsibly.

This changes today with the launch of the Credit Sesame Credit Badge™ program. The program, which is completely free and secure, monitors and measures creditworthiness (i.e. having a good credit score) and financial fitness (i.e., an optimized credit portfolio) of individuals and rewards them with specialty badges illustrating financial responsibility. The badges are private by default but can be easily shared by the users.

In this way, the Credit Badge™ program authenticates an individual’s identity and certifies to the world his or her  financial responsibility and creditworthiness, providing a real edge in achieving career, business, or personal goals.

Here’s how it works:

When users sign into Credit Sesame to receive their free credit score and have their debt and loans analyzed and optimized, Credit Sesame’s advanced analytic and monitoring engine awards them free specialty badges that they can share with friends and colleagues.

Current badge levels include:

  • Member – This badge certifies that you are a member of and are committed to be more financially responsible by actively managing your credit and loans online.
  • GOOD Credit – This badge certifies that you are a verified member of with Good credit.
  • EXCELLENT Credit – This badge certifies that you are a verified member of with Excellent credit.
  • Credit GURU – This badge certifies that you are a verified member of with Excellent credit and a completely optimized loan and debt portfolio.

Possible applications for Credit Sesame’s certified Credit BadgeTM include:

  • Job seekers looking to stand out from the crowd and have a 3rd party validation of their financial trustworthiness.
  • Employers searching to identify the most responsible and suitable candidates.
  • Online sellers on sites like eBay and Craigslist looking for 3rd party validation.
  • Dating Site Members looking to set themselves apart and validate their identity.
  • Financial Professionals looking to display their personal financial good sense and responsibility, a sign of reliability and trust.
  • Renters looking to convey their financial responsibility and gain an edge in a competitive real estate market.
  • Anyone looking to certify their good financial standing and trustworthy reputation.

“With our Credit BadgeTM program, we’re employing sophisticated game mechanics to encourage consumers to better understand and improve their credit,” said Adrian Nazari, founder and CEO of Credit Sesame. “Our goal is for the Credit Badge™ program to create more financially-savvy consumers who are better equipped to succeed in all areas of life.”

Customize Your Savings Preferences With Credit Sesame’s Alerts

CS alerts

At Credit Sesame, our goal is to help you save money on your debt payments — whether that’s your mortgage, loans or credit cards — with barely lifting a finger.

We do all the work for you, not only searching for cheaper loans, but ones that you will qualify for based on your credit, and alert you when we find such opportunities.

And to make managing your credit and debt even easier, we recently enhanced our email alerts system. Here are three new features that we introduced:

1. Savings Alerts

You  can now customize your alerts to tell us how much you’re aiming to save on your mortgage, credit cards, or other loans. Just specify the amount you want to save each month, and we will send you an alert as soon as we find a loan that accomplishes that for you. (How do we know when such a loan becomes available? As a Credit Sesame user, we analyze your credit and on a daily basis we look for new loans that will result in savings for you.)

2. Credit Score Notifications

You can request to be notified when your credit score drops below a certain threshold (or exceeds it). For example, if your current credit score is 675, you can request that we notify you when it reaches 720. If your score is 700, you can set up an alert if it drops below 700.

3.Home Value Alerts

Every homeowner these days is concerned about the value of their home dropping below their current mortgage. Now, you can set up an alert and we’ll notify you if your the estimated value of your home drops below a certain amount — or exceeds it. (Credit Sesame pulls home value estimates from

How to Set Up Alerts

Setting up alerts is easy as 1-2-3. First, log in to your Credit Sesame account, go to “My Accounts” and click on the “Email Alerts” tab.

Don’t have a Credit Sesame account yet? Sign up at it’s easy and, most importantly, completely free, no credit card required.

Credit Sesame Safe From Heartbleed Bug

heartbleed bug

The Heartbleed bug is a serious internet security flaw in OpenSSL, an open source security protocol used by two-thirds of internet websites to encrypt and protect a visitors’ sensitive data. Discovered independently by a Google engineer and Codenomicon, a security firm in Finland, Heartbleed has been dubbed the ultimate web nightmare. What’s most alarming about this vulnerable security flaw is that it went undetected for two years, quietly exposing sensitive information –like logins, passwords, credit card numbers, and more — to potential hackers who could have accessed it without ever leaving a trace.

Fortunately, Credit Sesame was not affected. “We take the security of your financial information very seriously and regularly audit and update our site with the latest security technology and precautions,” says Sean Donn, Chief Technology Officer for Credit Sesame.

Many other sites, however, weren’t so fortunate. Google, Pinterest, Tumblr, Yahoo!, Gmail, Yahoo! mail, Flickr, Netflix, and YouTube, just to name a few — were affected.

By now, most of these sites have updated their servers with the OpenSSL patch to address the security vulnerability, but this doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods just yet. While your Credit Sesame account is safe, secure and unaffected by this security flaw, we encourage you to change your password on any site that may have been affected.

We’d also advise confirming that these sites have addressed the security flaw and have installed the patch to their servers before doing so. Remember, you don’t want to change your passwords until you know for sure that the security flaw has been addressed.

Likewise, if you use the same passwords for multiple sites, we’d encourage you to change your Credit Sesame password immediately. “We recommend that you have a different password for each website you use, including Credit Sesame,” says Donn.

You can read the full details of the bug, how it works, how it was discovered, what leaks and how to stop it here.

As an added precaution, if you’re concerned about the security of your personal information, now would be a perfect time to protect yourself  with Credit Sesame’s new credit and identity protection services.

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Published November 12, 2013 Updated: January 27, 2016
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