This Week in Money Management: Life After Graduation'/


With graduation season just about over, high school and college grads have officially entered the next phase of their lives. In this week’s roundup, we look at the financial issues and changes facing recent graduates as they enter college or the real world.

1. Credit cards are harder to get for college students thanks to the CARD Act, but not impossible. looks at some of the loopholes.

2. The art of bartering is being revived on college campuses. Walletpop looks at sites that help you get something you want for something you don’t.

3. The job market is fiercely competitive right now. Looking in the right place helps, though, and Wisebread has a list of 25 places that can get you started.

4. College students are leaving school with more student loans than credit card debt. Nevertheless, credit cards can eat up your extra cash quick. The Digerati Life tackles spending behaviors–hopefully before they snowball into financial trouble.

5. Calling someone a shopaholic is usually funny… until it’s not. Is spending an addition like alcohol or drugs? Fabulously Broke in the City examines how to break the habit.

6. Using your cell phone as a credit card is gaining steam… but is it safe? International Business Times looks beyond the hype.

7. New federal mortgage proposals have lenders and consumer advocates in an unlikely position–on the same side. Market Watch says both groups say the proposal would be a harsh and heavy handed blow against low-income citizens, likening the restrictions to those in place during the Jim Crow era.

8. Would you rather have lived rich 100 years ago or have an average income today? Budgets are Sexy looks at the pros and cons of earning $70,000 a year back then (a fortune that would just about guarantee you a wealthy life with mansions, servants — but no air conditioning) versus modern conveniences, but no bragging rights.

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Published June 6, 2011 Updated: December 28, 2012
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