This Week in Money Management: Trick or Treat'/


Halloween is a favorite holiday for many: a time for mischief and fantasy. A time to be whoever (or whatever) they want to be. And then, there’s candy. Children and adults alike gravitate to this whimsical season, but when costumes, candy and decorations start accumulating, your budget might get a little spooked. In this week’s money management roundup, we look at ways to stay on budget, from finding the least expensive candy on the market (per trick-or-treater) to creating a quick and cheap haunted house display. After all, vampires aren’t all that cool if they’re bleeding your wallet dry.

1. Tired of buying Halloween costumes for the kiddos (or yourself) only to throw them away the next day? The Kansas City Star looks at the growing trend of costume swapping to get renewed life out of old outfits.

2. The days of the penny candy are long over. Even those hard-as-rock “chew” candies that taste like honey taffy (why?) are close to $4 a bag. Check out MainStreet‘s line up of candy, broken down by the cost per visiting child (assuming they only take one).

3. Inspired by the YouTube posts of light displays and creepy homes and want to create your own haunted house? Well, Halloween’s today, so you have to do it now. DVice has the tips and the know-how on decorating on the cheap, and on the fly.

4. From costumes to entertaining, Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive if you’re creative. Bible Money Matters has come up with some fun ways to make the most of the season–and your dollar.

5. Some people (ahem… Mom and Dad?) buy way to much candy for the 10 kids who come by the house. With all the leftover candy, Mint divulges great ways to re-purpose the sweet stuff. That is, unless you overbought just so you could eat Mounds bars until Thanksgiving.

6. You’re dressing up as Charlie Sheen this year–scary! But what about your finances? Are they a princess or are they pirating your peace of mind? The Debt Princess identifies the most popular disguises finances take on and what that means for your wallet.

7. Another popular get-up this year (albeit a bit twisted) is the Gaddafi mask. Make Spend Save Invest asks whether or not your finances are as messed up as this costume.

8. Nothing’s sweeter than the bags and bags of chocolates at Halloween, right? Get Rich Slowly points out that the world economy, in which chocolate plays a factor, is not made sweeter by this favorite treat.

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Published October 31, 2011 Updated: December 28, 2012
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