Many Americans consider homeownership a key stepping stone to achieving the “American dream.” But no societal group values homeownership more than foreign-born U.S. residents: those who have come to the country to seek a better life, an American dream of their own. Consider this: nearly 80% of foreign-born U.S. residents owned a home in 2009, according to the National Association of Realtors. The national homeownership rate at that time was 65.4% (it is currently 66.3%).

With that in mind, we set out to find the makeup of each state (i.e. where do its foreign-born residents come from?), and which states are most popular among foreign homebuyers and investors. (Note that these stats refer to the overall population, not homeowners alone.)

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Published January 5, 2012 Updated: August 7, 2014
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