All U.S. President have their own story of how they came to power, and for some, wealth. Some came from or married into wealth, while others never had much to speak of. A small handful were penniless or poor when they died. Not only has Presidents’ private debt fluctuated over the years, so has public debt. Public debt has generally increased and, since WWII, it has grown exponentially—reaching more than $14 trillion this month. Scroll down to see not only which Presidents had the most wealth and which had the least, but also how public debt has changed through the years.


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Published March 1, 2011 Updated: March 25, 2016
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4 responses to “Net Worth of American Presidents vs. National Debt”

  1. Frank says:

    These numbers are just plain wrong.. I.e. the public debt before and after Reagan took office.. BS

  2. marty says:


  3. Pohjola says:

    Awesome info-graphic! One question, though. Shouldn’t the ‘Great Depression’ actually be marked under Hoover’s presidency rather than Coolidge’s?

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