This Week in Money: Are Women Climbing the Corporate Ladder?'/


Women have made great strides in the workplace… but is there farther to go? In this week’s money management roundup, we take a look at women in the career force.

1. Need a blueprint for life? Penelope Trunk Blog lays out a thoroughly modern take on career and life for women ages 18 to 45. One caveat: You may not like some, most… or all of her advice.

2. While communication may be a female-dominant trait, it seems as if networking is a male-dominant trait. Jane Has A Job looks at how to turn a little chit chat into cha-ching.

3. Blonde, thin, tall, left-handed, and named Deborah? Well, you’re probably one of America’s wealthiest women, according to Learnvest. But just see what happens when you get married, have a child… or start smoking.

4. Negotiating can be tough, but GenYWealth has one tip that may get you the car you want without the hassle.

5. When life hands you a lemon, start asking questions. Or do what Free From Broke did, and ask you Dad to go car shopping with you.

6. What’s green, clean, and saving you money? Homemade solvents and detergents! Coupon Sherpa has amassed an amazing list of how to clean just about anything with ingredients you can find around the home.

7. Young people are turning their backs on the American Dream of making lots of money and owning a home (and then watching your savings disappear in the stock market and your property go underwater with an economic downturn initiated by corporate greed). Hmm… USA Today asks if maybe they haven’t found a truer American Dream motivated by creating relationships with family and friends.

8. The story goes that states can’t balance their budget without attacking the unions (aka teachers and other government employees)–but is that the truth or just a political myth? Bloomberg pulls back the curtain.

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Published August 22, 2011 Updated: December 28, 2012
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