This Week in Money Management: Can Money Buy Happiness? Maybe'/

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Money may not be able to buy love, as the Beatles song goes, but according to scientists, money can buy you happiness. For many, this sentiment goes against how we wish people worked… that we really need love, kindness and relationships to be happy. And maybe it is more nuanced than money equaling happiness—maybe money just levels the playing field and gives people access to what they only hoped for before. Or, as Joan Rivers said, “People say that money is not the key to happiness, but I always figured if you have enough money, you can have a key made.”

This week in money management, we’re highlighting our favorite “money and happiness” posts from a few of our favorite bloggers and news sites around the web.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Pleasure. In the UK, researchers spent lots of money to find out that lots of money is exactly what makes people happy. The Daily Mail insinuates that the research was a waste of money.

Lotto Frenzy. Mega Millions might be over, but people will continue to buy lottery tickets hoping to win and counting the ways that those millions could buy happiness. ABC News looks at the tales of two different lottery winners and how they define happiness.

Money Buys Happiness. Not surprising, the blogger Money Buys Happiness has determined that is indeed the case, but the writer sites two university teams who put one significant caveat on those findings. Turns out you have to spend your money in a certain way to increase your happiness.

Saving Money and Joy. If you’re like a lot of people, nothing makes you happier than a good deal. Some areas, though, are better places to save than others, and Wisebread lays out where to hunt down the best deals to save your hard earned dollars.

Happiness and Taxes? While death and taxes might be linked with inevitability, doing your taxes doesn’t have to be the death of your delight. Not waiting to the last second will help, and so will following some money saving suggestions from Moolanomy.

Pin Your Way to Success. A glass of wine and an hour on Pinterest may make one happy, but can it make you money? It sounds like a joke, but Mint shows you how to make it a job.

Living Without Regret. A number one happiness stealer, regret is defined by Fabulously Broke in the City as not grabbing life by the horns, rather than the experiences we go after, even with the knowledge that we might fail.

Hunger Games Teach Hope. The post-apocalyptic mega hit The Hunger Games has disturbed some, delighted many, and for a few others taught sound financial lessons. The Wisdom Journal looks at how you can bring humanity back into this dog-eat-dog world.

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Published April 2, 2012 Updated: December 27, 2012
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