Money News: Cities with the Fastest Growing Millionaires'/

Cities with the fastest growing millionaires, what the SEC won’t tell you and how to earn extra money for the holidays—it’s all in this week’s top stories from around the web.

Cities that are Minting Millionaires the Fastest: “According to the new Metro Wealth Index from Capgemini, San Jose, Calif. and Houston recorded the fastest percentage growth in the number of millionaires among the top 10 Metro areas. (It defines “millionaire” as those with $1 million or more in investible assets, excluding primary residence, collectibles, consumables, and consumer durables).” – CNBC

7 Ways to Make Extra Money for the Holidays: “No matter how much you plan, save up and budget for the holiday season, there always seems to be more expenses than there is money to go around.” – Pageonce

10 Things the SEC Won’t Tell You: “1. We will never live up to your expectations. Mary Schapiro announced this week that she’s leaving her post as chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission after four of the most turbulent years in the agency’s history. Elisse Walter, Schapiro’s successor, will likely face challenges of her own. After all, last year’s “Occupy Wall Street” protestors weren’t livid with just the financial industry.” – SmartMoney

Keep Your To-Do List Fresh with the 3-Day Rule: “A to-do list is only useful if you cross things off as often as you add tasks on. If something’s been on your list for more than three days, do one of the following:” – TIME

Do You Have a Toxic Financial Attitude?: “The difference between financial independence and a life of financial frustration comes down to attitude. The way you approach all aspects of your life, not just money, has a significant effect on your long-term financial growth. Personal philosophies dictate how you act and how you react to any situation you face.” – Consumerism Commentary

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Published December 3, 2012 Updated: December 30, 2012
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