Spring Clean and Make Money? Yes, Please!


The days are getting longer. And the temperatures are getting warmer.  That means it’s time to clear all the unwanted stuff out of your house. As the saying goes, you know that your trash may be someone else’s treasure. But just the thought of holding a yard sale makes you cringe. Here, seven places that you can easily make some money on your cast offs.


Did you go through a period of wearing solely vintage items during your college years only to relegate those items to back of your closet after graduation? If so, this marketplace (which is chockfull of handmade items) is the perfect place to pass along your retro clothing and accessories since its shoppers are looking to pick up something unique.


Sick and tired of your wedding china? Never liked that crystal you inherited from your Great Aunt Mae? If you have pieces—or entire sets—of tableware or silverware that are in “excellent” condition, sell them to this website. (They will buy items that have minor flaws, but you’ll receive a reduced price for them.)


In today’s digital era, you probably have a drawer full of unused devices. But not all of them are destined for the recycling bin. This website not only immediately quotes you a price for your old cell phone, but they also send a postage-paid envelope so you can mail your phone to them or they give you the ability to print a pre-paid shipping label at home.


Technically, this is a trade-in program, so you will never receive any money back in your pocket for your old electronics. (TVs, computers, video games, cameras, GPS, and more are eligible.) But you will receive a gift card that can be used towards any new purchase.


Paying for a classified ad in your local newspaper is so 1990s. This free, online classifieds service really is the place to unload your stuff—and it’s particularly good to use if you’re wanting to sell anything that would be difficult to send in the mail, like a piece of furniture, unused yard tools, or even exercise equipment.


No doubt, you’ve heard about this online auction site. But you can’t overlook it, especially if you have rare collectibles or designer items hiding in your attic corners that you no longer want.


This online marketplace is where you go to buy just about anything. But it’s also where you can sell just about everything, too. You’ll have to pay fees when an item sells, but if you plan to have numerous listings (think: 40+), you can lower your expenses by becoming a professional seller on the site.

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Published March 18, 2013
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