Envious ladies across the world are abuzz about the upcoming Royal Wedding – the dress, the ring, the colors! Oh my! With a price tag of around $48 million, it makes the average American wedding, coming in just under a measly $27,000 seem almost affordable. For those of you planning your own not-so-royal affair, check out our latest “whats the true cost of getting married” infographic to learn where your money may go.

How much does it cost to get married in US

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Published April 25, 2011 Updated: August 7, 2014
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sri•  April 29, 2011
Its interesting though I question the data source used. The weddings seem much larger and expensive than what I would expect.
JD•  May 29, 2011
The suggestion to finance a wedding is one of the most ill-advised ideas I've come across in a while. The biggest stress in a marriage involves money problems. The most cited reason for divorce is money problems. Financial problems seem to be the thing that ruins people more than anything else. Adding possible money problems at the start is probably going to be harmful. Every single one of the expenses shown above leave plenty of room for cutting costs. There's no point in risking the marriage long term because you want a story book wedding and you're willing to take out a loan to pay for it.
TP•  June 2, 2011
Way over the top on cost, and there are lots of ways to save money: We used a computer with MP3's instead of a DJ - producing lots of laughs on selections. Made our own centerpieces with friends. Made our own invitations with a cheap embosser from a craft store (again with friends and it wasted a weekend, still a lot of fun). We were loaned a nice car for transport - friends have some of the coolest toys. Our church was easily half that listed price too. And JD was spot on about the money, going into debt for the wedding day is a bad way to start. Better to save and stay engaged longer than begin a life in debt.
Cecilia Chand•  July 1, 2011
I seriously have to question these statistics! Was this a poll in Forbes? Nearly $1200 for the rehearsal dinner alone is ridiculous. My daughter and her fiance are planning a beautiful wedding at a fraction of the stated average. They are not "skimping" on any of the traditions, merely planning smart. And they most certainly are not entering their marriage saddled with debt due to the wedding - the suggestion to finance the wedding is irresponsible to say the least!
Maddy•  August 7, 2011
I think you mean "provided that your credit score is high enough". Given assumes that it is already.