The Week in Money Management: The 2012 Olympic Games Open in London'/

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In the wake of the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, all talk and TV watching is set on the world stage. People who don’t even like sports love the Olympics. What it gives to people is (at least for a time) world unity, awe in the determination and perseverance of the human spirit, and national pride, among other valuable intangibles. It is something to celebrate, and this week’s bloggers do — bringing a variety of perspectives to this inclusive event.

1. Travel to and Getting Around London. It may be too late to get anything close to a bargain when in comes to going to and getting around London, but The Frugal Toad has some ideas, just in case you’re making some last minute plans.

2. Olympic Soundtrack. Nothing will sound sweeter for your Olympic fever party than the favorite songs of US Olympic athletes, and there’s no better price than free. Savings Mania hooks you up with how to download the songs on the cheap.

3. Watch the Olympics Online for Free. Maybe. NBC is touting its free streaming of all of the Olympic games and ceremonies. However, as potential viewers are finding out, the experience offers more hurdles than the 100 meter race. Money Talks News figures out how to take advantage of this deal.

4. DIY the Olympics. Celebrating the Olympics is fun, but with the restrictions around selling Olympic paraphernalia not expressly approved, the cost of a mere T-shirt can be a little much. Mom Advice has some great ideas on kid-friendly projects where you can make your own Olympic-inspired gear.

5. The Olympics? There’s an App for That. If you’re an Olympic junkie, than constant updates on your smartphone and other wireless devices will feed your addiction when you’re not glued to the TV. Oh, and it’s free. “Cents”-able Momma has the scoop.

6. An Olympic Burden. While it’s a huge honor to be chosen as the city to host the Olympics, it’s akin to being a bridesmaid — both honors will cost you big. Finance Fox breaks down how much debt past Olympics host countries have taken on, and how others have come out ahead.

7. A New Olympic Event. The details are unclear as to how this even would actually go, but The Jenny Pincher would like to suggest “getting out of debt” as a new Olympic sport. Well, at least it feels that way.

8. The Frugal Olympics. See who won the gold in the Frugal Olympics hosted by Squirreling Gone Wild. Spoiler: The bronze went to an exceedingly cheap dad who bought a close-to-expired pet for his kids to save on costs. Read more for the extreme measures people go to for savings.

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Published July 30, 2012
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