This Week in Money Management: Inspiring Your New Year’s Resolutions'/


Many people across the U.S. are busy making resolutions: money, physique and clutter are just a few of the topics underlying our “promises” to do better in 2012. While the act of change may be ambitious for some, the spirit of doing better lives on. Here are some of our favorite tips for keeping your goals in check from January to December – as well as perspective on the entire ambitious process.

1.  Got 5 Minutes? Buff up. Wise Bread shares some effective, albeit aggressive, methods for burning calories in the time it takes to watch a commercial break.

2.  If running a marathon is one of your goals, read this. Yoga Eat Run, viaThe Consumerist, revealed some of the simple truths to being effective when running (and to avoid injury). Among them? Wear some layers.

3.  Do you know about “anchoring?”  Since spending less and sticking to a budget are popular resolutions every year, you might want to check out this short piece on the practice of anchoring, via Get Rich Slowly.

4.  Is your computer data secure? This time of year prompts many to resolve to backup their digital photos, music files, and financial info; yet, that rarely happens. Here is a useful list of free and cheap ways to get the job done, thanks to Bible Money Matters.

5.  Pick one, anyone. This is the advice of Money Ning, who claims that even if you focus on one single goal, you are getting somewhere. We agree.

6.  Give more, pay less. If charity has been on your mind this year, and you’ve vowed to do more to help others, this collection of gracious ways to give (without overspending) should make you smile. Thanks to Mom Advice for the inspiration!

7.  It’s OK to just “try.” Some people mistakenly think that just making the resolution isn’t enough; Consumerism Commentary disagrees. Learn why even failed resolutions can positively impact your life.

8.  Some of the best things in life were an accident. As if to remind us that being human isn’t all bad, Main Street shares a dozen wonderful inventions that were more “oops” than intentional. (So don’t worry when your resolutions fall a bit short.)

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Published December 27, 2011 Updated: December 28, 2012
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