This Week in Money Management: The Every Little Penny Counts Edition'/

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Most budgets aren’t destroyed by thousand-dollar purchases; they are systematically undone by hundreds of small, unaccounted for expenses. Whether you track your spending carefully or not, those small costs can kill your savings and debt repayment goals.

Check out this list of tiny ways to brighten up your day, put away a little extra, and save on your next purchase, compliments of our favorite bloggers from around the web.

1.  One lump or four?  What happens when you dip the simple sugar cube into a rich, creamy chocolate coating?  Your afternoon coffee becomes the highlight of an otherwise ordinary day via this easy tutorial from Cute Food for Kids.

2.  It’s fresh; it’s free. One of the many reasons why we love is that it’s loaded with tools to get your finances in order without stress.  Wise Bread offers several inspiring ways to take advantage of the popular money management offering.

3.  It’s a flavor thing.  If you haven’t considered chickpeas to be a sassy enough ingredient for your favorite dishes, we don’t blame you.  Thankfully, these five-star recommendations from The Daily Green will have you reconsidering the overlooked legume.

4.  Don’t sweat the small stuff. Indulging in a $100+ yoga top isn’t as fashionable as you think, and really isn’t necessary with these tips from Bargain Babe.  She’ll show you how to snag the look of a work-out pro for a percentage of retail.

5.  Décor for a dollar.  Your local 99cent store may have more options for low-cost home design than you imagine. Get some great starting tips from Time’s Moneyland, and then read the comments for even more community insight.

6.  Reducing the restaurant bill.  Sure, you can eat out, just do it wisely. Five Cent Nickel tells you why you never want to split the check, but why an extra plate is acceptable.

7.  Prevent printing waste.  Think couponing is a great way to save money?  Not if you’re printing your own. Learn a few tricks from Bankrate on how to avoid wasting more than you save with printable coupons.

8.  The little things can kill (your budget, that is).  When it comes to vacation expenses, those incidentals can really add up!  Myscha from Trek Hound gives us expert advice for keeping those unexpected costs under control.

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Published January 16, 2012 Updated: December 28, 2012
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