This Week in Money Management: The Movin’ On Up Edition'/

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Is 2012 the year you do big things? We sure hope so! In fact, many of our fans and friends are determined to get a better job, start their own business, or even just find employment in the first place.  Here are some of our favorite tips for keeping you inspired and informed.

1.  Are you ready to strike it solo? This sage advice from The Digerati Life can make the transition to entrepreneurship a little less risky – and can help you get on your way quickly.

2.  Rethink that MBA. Not all advanced degrees are worth it, cite experts; use the checklist at Bargaineering and information at sites like to figure out the value – before you enroll.

3.  Calling in sick again? If you absolutely must go to work while ill (to have an annual review or fulfill a promise to the boss, for example), these suggestions from Consumerist and Mind Your Decisions may help you fly under the radar.  Just don’t forget to wash your hands!

4.  Handling a “cash only” purchase. Wise Bread shares a writer’s personal account of what it’s like to buy property without a mortgage. If you’ve got a very large stack of bills to spend, this information could be useful!

5. You can deco on a dime. If you’ve got the house of your dreams but are nowhere near having it all furnished and styled, this simple tip from Life as a Thrifter (via Mom Advice) for an Anthropology-esque adornment is priceless.

6.  Can we save you money?  Not to toot our own horn, but we like what Good Financial Cents has to say about our services. An extra $70,000 can really come in handy!

7.  Could you be the next millionaire?  The premise behind Squawkfox’s review of The Millionaire Teacher is simple: anyone can invest wisely.  Read the review before you buy.

8. Don’t quit your day job!  So you’ve made it with your small business; it’s no reason to be hasty about leaving your bread and butter, however.  Financial Samurai gives us a few lessons for the future and may have you keeping your career a bit longer.

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Published January 30, 2012 Updated: December 27, 2012
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