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Whether you’re single or in love, this Valentine’s Day can be a chance to unwind, indulge, and enjoy those you truly care about. We picked the top eight tips from some of our favorite bloggers to share with you this holiday. How will you celebrate this sweetest of seasons?

1.  Still needing a frugal, last-minute recipe for the big day? Wise Bread offers up an assortment of (mostly) budget-friendly ideas for the ideal gourmet dinner.

2.  The best laid plans can work.  Get Rich Slowly shares, not one, but three game plans for the perfect frugal holiday.  (I’m partial to the movies at home idea – provided I get to choose the title.)

3.  What’s better than free? Not much, in my opinion; $5 Dinners shares a handful of completely free goodies from places like Bath and Body Works, Krispy Kreme, and more!

4.  Alla Hjärtans Dag! If fun factoids about America’s most romantic holiday – like how it’s celebrated in Sweden – are your thing, this infographic from Frugal Dad takes all.

5.  What can you do with “divorce diamonds?” It’s not fun to think about, but there is that pesky matter of what to do with the ring when you separate. Organize with Sandy tells a sweet story of how she re-purposed a keepsake ring to mean something special.

6.  Be Mine. If the conversation heart is the representation of the perfect Valentine’s Day candy, this tutorial for tiny heart cheesecakes is the ideal dessert. Check out this sweet treat at Hungry Happenings.

7.  Toilet paper tube + ingenuity = style.  Skip the expensive craft stampers and embrace this DIY version for a cute heart stamp even the baby can use! See the complete set of adorable baby photos and inspiration at Prudent Baby.

8.  Name a cockroach; win your soul mate. Hissing cockroaches are far from romantic, but adopting one is a frugal way to show you care. Get a few more practical ideas, as well as the details on the cockroach stunt, at Money Crashers.


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Published February 13, 2012 Updated: December 27, 2012
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