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While many are still complaining (with reason) about the economy and job shortages, the old adage “Things could always be worse,” rings as a reminder. Harder times have happened, and yet people have survived and flourished. This Week in Money Management asks the question: “What would you do for money?

1. Sell Yourself. Mail-order brides have endured poverty and suffering only to receive stereotypical judgments. What is it really like, though, to be advertised as a potential mate? My Broken Coin shares the story.

2. Sell Your Stuff. The story of the sold Fender guitar to pay the rent always seems somewhat tragic, but Smart Family Finance shows how to make extra cash from the stuff you’d probably throw out anyway.

3. Give Up Your Privacy. While it’s not your Social Security Number, your birthday (and especially the year) can be sensitive information. However, Bargaineering shows that there are deals to be had by handing out these digits.

4. Give Up Some Free Time. You could get an extra job, but instead One Smart Dollar suggests divvying up your shopping trips and even your dining out to specific days. The timing, as it turns out, is everything when it comes to saving money in certain areas.

5. Lose Control. Financial planning doesn’t get easier after marriage, and Evolving Personal Finance explains that despite the complications that a joint account can cause, the best plan is to let go and forget the game playing.

6. Start Budgeting. Budgets can be intimidating, and the fear of failure is often enough to put it off. But every financially responsible individual has to start somewhere. Living in Financial Excellence is the place to start.

7. Save Up. Going without is never fun, especially when it comes to vacation. Those glorious work-free days are so few and far between, it’s criminal. 20s Finances looks at the basic expenses of a vacation and how to make even a meager salary stretch.

8. Sell Your Wedding Ring? With the value of gold and diamonds still on the up and up, one blogger asks his wife the question most would cringe at, “Would you sell your wedding ring to pay off a student loan?” Read Work Save Live’s article to see if he made it through that landmine.

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Published April 23, 2012 Updated: December 27, 2012
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