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With the momentum from Bank Transfer Day still rolling, some activists are encouraging consumers to give their credit card company the boot, as well. And new innovations in financing may make that more easily doable than ever. The truth is, though, that in many situations — when traveling, for instance — a credit card gives consumers freedom and peace of mind. This Week in Money Management looks at the revolving world of credit cards, and how to make the most of them.

1. Ben Milne is 28 and wants to take down the credit card companies with his new money-transfer company Dwolla. Still in its initial stages, it has some big fans–and even bigger backers. Business Insider exposes what the beginning of a financial revolution looks like.

2. To lure consumers away from using their debit cards, credit card companies are using the holidays to promote new–and generous–rewards programs. Reuters uncovers the best of the best.

3. While cash back credit cards are great, there are tricks to get even more out of rewards cards. Free Money Finance gives you the skinny on how to get fat returns from your card.

4. If you travel a lot, especially overseas, bringing wads of cash is out of the question and travelers checks (and checks in general) are old-fashioned and just plain inconvenient. The Cheap Route gives you the tricks of the trade from an old travel pro on how to best use credit and debit cards when traveling.

5. Airlines are upping the ante when it comes to affinity credit cards. The Los Angeles Times points you in the right direction on how to take advantage of these perks.

6. Transferring balances from one higher interest card to a lower interest one is the secret of staying ahead of the game, right? Watch my Gear says it depends, and they lay out the scenarios so you can determine what applies best to you.

7. No matter what the card, there are still ways to get what you want and save money doing it. Wisebread lays out specific strategies for getting the most of your plastic.

8. When applying for a credit card, there’s a lot of things you absolutely must not do. Credit lays out the top 10.

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Published November 14, 2011 Updated: December 28, 2012
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