How Often Should Your Credit Score Change?

‘How often does my credit score change?’ This is a question I often hear from consumers who are watching their credit scores (especially when working to improve their scores) and are concerned about fluctuations they notice. The short answer is that credit scores are fluid and susceptible to change day by day, or even hour

How to Move Your Credit Grade From a ‘C’ to ‘B’ in 2 Simple Steps

Credit scores are inversely proportional to our cost of living. Not only are more credit opportunities available to consumers with high scores, the terms are better. The higher your score, the less you’ll pay for credit. Does moving up from one category to the next really make much difference? Absolutely. Going from “good” to “excellent”

5 Golden Rules for Saving a 3-Month Emergency Fund

We all know we should have an emergency fund, but to those who don’t, creating one seems like a daunting task. The secret? Have a mapped out plan. The hardest part is making sustained lifestyle changes. The bright side is that even small changes quickly add up to big results. Unless you win the lottery,

Being Over the Limit on Your Credit Cards is More Common Than You Think

Consumers in all 50 states are maxing out their credit cards. Even worse, they’re over their limits! This is a problem any way you slice it. You’ll not only take a serious hit to your credit score, you’ll also face steep fees from most credit card issuers. Furthermore, you won’t be able to access credit

Why You’ll Feel Better About Your Low Credit Score When You Tackle This First

There are many reasons why you have bad credit, and while you can’t bring up your score overnight, there’s one credit factor that you should focus on first. Forget all the tips and tricks for a second. There is one issue most of us can address that will have an immediate, positive impact on credit,

11 Shameless Excuses Ever Told to Debt Collectors

The scene is all too familiar to millions of Americans: the phone rings… incessantly. Debt collectors are calling and they won’t stop. The reasons people fall into arrears are as many and varied as the items displayed on your favorite Chinese buffet. The bright side is that paid collections are not factored into credit scores

$125 Cost Me My Best Friend

This is the story of Alma and Violet, and the 25-year relationship that was destroyed over a $125 debt. Alma and Violet became friends in grade school. As teens, they shared clothing, makeup, and outrageous earrings. As mothers, they shared baby gear, toys, and books, and frequently traded child care. The two women are on

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