5 Essential Habits of Consumers with Excellent Credit Scores

An excellent credit score opens the door to the best financing offers on the market. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of them? Read on to learn the five essential habits of consumers with excellent credit scores.

3 Big Reasons to Avoid Payday Loans

Payday loans are short-term cash loans based on expected future wage earnings. These loans are often very easy to get, but extremely difficult to pay off. Here are three big reasons to avoid payday loans, and alternatives to payday loans for you to consider first.

National Consumer Protection Week: A Guide to Your Rights & Consumer Protections

National Consumer Protection Week happens each year during the first week of March, and is a national effort coordinated at the local, state and federal level to educate consumers about their rights so that they can make better decisions when it comes to finances, health, privacy, technology and more. In support of National Consumer Protection

Emergency Financial Help for Struggling Military Personnel

Military personnel have their financial ups and downs just like any other consumer. They may also face additional challenges. Some find that life’s hurdles are harder to clear by one spouse left to manage a household alone during the other’s deployment. Many young service members tackle the challenge of an ample paycheck coupled with lack

Big Data: He Knows What You’ve Been Buying (and He’s Not Santa)

When reports that healthcare providers and insurers track and analyze spending data surfaced last year, many people were shocked. Shocked because most of us don’t realize that personal data is constantly collected from many sources, with and without permission or knowledge. Shocked because we expect healthcare data to be protected by heavy-duty privacy laws. Using

Choosing the Best Credit Card for a Teenager

Many parents want to teach responsible money management to their kids, and that includes putting the right credit card into the child’s hands at the right time. Even for families that abhor debt, this is an essential exercise and one that takes years of preparatory lessons. A thorough understanding of credit and debit cards, along

Getting a Mortgage After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy happens when a debtor does not have the means with which to fulfill all of his (or her) financial obligations. Filing for bankruptcy doesn’t necessarily reflect on the person’s moral compass or integrity. In some situations, particularly where there is negative cash flow (more money going out than coming in), declaring bankruptcy may be