23 Crucial Steps For New Parents to Protect Their Credit & Money

The pure delight a new baby brings is unmatched. But with the bundle of joy come many stressors, not the least of which is financial, and all exacerbated by lack of sleep (at least at the beginning). Your budget and credit rating never go on hold while you experience life’s milestones. In fact, the addition

The 5 Nastiest Credit Surprises for Divorcing Couples

How can a divorce get messy? Dare we count the ways? The financial disentanglement alone might take many years, and some risk to your credit is present until the separation is complete. We’ve narrowed down the six nastiest surprises that may affect a couple’s credit. The key is to be prepared for unwanted surprises that come out

How Marriage Affects Your Credit

You’re engaged, or thinking of tying the knot? Congratulations! Hopefully you’ve already had at least one conversation about credit and financial planning. For those of you who are concerned about how marriage might affect your credit, this information might help. Let’s first get a few facts straight about marriage and credit. Your credit files don’t

6 Signs You Should Switch Your Credit Card

Not all credit cards are keepers, but how do you know which ones to hold onto and which ones to send down the road? Follow these guidelines. 1. Big Annual Fee Is a big annual fee coming due soon on your card? This might be a good time to review the value of the card

3 Harsh Realities Everyone Should Know About Student Loan Debt

What you don’t know can hurt you. American borrowers owe a record $1.2 trillion in student loan debt, a number that has tripled in the last ten years, according to Sallie Mae. Within those numbers, nearly one million retirees are saddled with $18 billion in outstanding student loans, a dollar amount that has risen 600

9 Ways to Pay Off Your Student Loans Early

Student loans are an albatross around the necks of millions of Americans. More than 70 percent of today’s graduates walk away from school with debt, averaging about $35,000. We are not immune at any age. Many borrowers struggle with the payments for decades, far beyond the school years. Nearly one million retirees carry a record $18.2 billion in

7 Things to Do After a Balance Transfer

To make the most out of your balance transfer, do these seven things.

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