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Credit Scores: Separating Fact from Fiction

Credit scores are used by lenders, insurance companies and service providers to determine whether or not they want to do business with you and under what terms. As with many complex financial topics, credit scoring is shrouded in secrecy and misunderstandings. Relax! We’ll help separate the truth from the tall tales.

The History of High-Value U.S. Currency: The Bills That Plastic Forgot

In our latest infographic, Credit Sesame takes a look at the history of high-value currency in the United States. Find out the printing history on the $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 and even the $100,000 dollar bill!

The Cost of Living for New College Graduates

Graduation season is here, but are today’s graduates financially ready for life on their own? Student debt, housing costs, and weak hiring trends are making the first steps into adulthood more arduous than ever. Can today’s graduates even support themselves in a modest apartment? Our latest infographic examines the costs of supporting oneself straight out of college.

Penny to Paper: How Much Does It Cost to Make U.S. Currency?

In our latest infographic, Credit Sesame takes a look at what it costs to make U.S. currency. As you will see, it takes a lot of money to make money, and some currency — like the penny and the nickel — cost more to produce than they are worth. Should we do away with the penny and the nickel?

From the Desk of Don Draper: The Cost of 1962, Today

With the Mad Men’s season 5 premiere only a few days away, our latest infographic takes a candid look at the cost of 1962 vs. today, through the desk of Mad Men’s leading man, Don Draper.

Credit Score Myths Busted

Test your credit score knowledge as we bust the top 10 credit scoring myths and set the record straight in our latest infographic

How Long Are Americans Staying in Their Homes?

Find out why owners sell, and how those reasons change as homeowners get older, in Credit Sesame’s latest infographic

Where Are Foreigners Buying Real Estate in the United States

Where are foreign-born U.S. residents buying real estate in America? Find out in this infographic.

Land Lords: America’s Largest Private Land Owners

Who are America’s largest private landowners and how much do they own? Find out in this infographic.

Ghost-Proof Your House: 11 Ways the Superstitious Keep Evil Spirits at Bay

In this infographic, we look at 11 superstitions that affect how different cultures build and maintain their homes, from nailing a horseshoe above the door to skipping the 13th floor in high-rise buildings.

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