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Financial Secrets: Are You Hiding Debt from Your Partner?

Hiding your debts from your partner has an expiration date. One of the benefits of having a pre-martial chat about money is that one walks into the commitment feeling ‘clean’; no secrets, no worrying at 3AM because you have debts you never told your partner about and they are looming up. Money issues bring up

How to Talk Money With Your Honey

You’ve shared just about everything (dreams, fears, even a toothbrush on occasion) with your significant other. But when it comes to talking about financial matters, mum’s the word. And sometimes, it’s not just that you don’t say anything—it’s that you deliberately try to hide something. And you’re not alone. According to a recent study from

4 Financial Discussions You Should Have Before You Get Married

Tying the knot typically means shelling out some cash for a wedding and honeymoon, moving in together (if you haven’t already), and making the commitment to love and cherish each other forever. However, along with all the fun stuff comes a whole new set of financial responsibilities that can complicate a relationship if handled improperly.

Love & Money in Stages: Are You Financially Compatible?

Before you get serious with someone, experts recommend broaching the decidedly unromantic topic of money to make sure you’re on the same page. The New York Times even reports that several dating websites go so far as to allow members to view each other’s credit scores before they even meet. That approach might be a

How to Protect Yourself Financially If Your Partner Cheats

Don’t have a pre-nup? It’s not too late. What’s the biggest issue for partners? Staying 100 percent faithful to your spouse. When I think about infidelity and how it impacts a marriage’s financial situation, my first reaction is: Where is the pre-nup? Unfortunately, most people don’t get a pre-nup because they are afraid to talk

Love & Money: Are Joint Bank Accounts a Good Idea?

Every single day couples across America find love, get engaged, move in together and get married. After couples decide to spend their lives together they have to make another very important decision; they have to decide if they are really going to share everything in their lives.  If you’re in a committed relationship you now

How to Talk About Money With Your Partner (Without Having a Meltdown)

This piece was originally written by Dr. Amy Wenzel for It’s scary to let it all out — but having the relationship & money talk is a must-do. Full disclosure: I can’t discuss having “the financial talk” without discussing my own relationship! Although my marriage is far from perfect, a culture of open discussion about finances is

Credit Score Myths Busted

Before you say “I do”, keep in mind these top three relationship and credit related myths.