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Lending Money to Friends and Family Without Losing Both

If you’re thinking about loaning money to a friend or family member, here are some tips to help them out—without damaging the relationship—and getting your money back.

5 Money Moves to Make Before 2014

As the year draws to a close in a whirlwind of holiday events, trips and work deadlines, it’s easy to get caught up in the holiday bustle and overlook your finances. But a bit of financial housekeeping now can help you get on track for 2014 and beyond. Here’s a look at five money moves

It’s Open Enrollment Season! 4 Strategies to Lower Your Healthcare Costs

Medical and Health Care Costs

It’s open enrollment season—the time where employers present workers with their health insurance options for the next calendar year. If your expected costs for 2013 are higher than what you’re currently paying, don’t be surprised.

Secrets of the One Percent: How You Can Manage Your Finances Like the Super-Wealthy

While many want to dethrone the one percent, many also want to become the one percent, or at least live as much like them as possible. Even those who have inherited their fortunes use inside knowledge to keep them. Here are five tips from the super rich that you can steal to guide your financial future.

When Debt Collectors Break the Rules

Drowning in debt is bad enough, but getting harassed by debt collectors makes it even worse. “A lot of people believe that a debt collector has every right to treat them like crap and they have to suffer in silence because they owe money,” says consumer rights lawyer Gary Nitzkin. “They don’t have to suffer abuse.”

This Week in Money Management: Avoidance is Key

This week in money management we’re focusing on ways to avoid the things you don’t like so that you can make room for the things you do! We’re sharing how to avoid junk mail, interest charges, skyrocketing cell phone bills, computer viruses, spoiling your child, tax mistakes, and negativity — all brought to you from our favorite bloggers and news sites we love.

This Week in Money Management: Striving to Be a Savvy Consumer

Spending money wisely isn’t just about paying less for things you want and need; sometimes, it is just as much about making sure your purchases are wise ones to begin with.

This Week in Money Management: Top Credit Secrets Exposed

This week we’re sharing concrete tips for leveraging your credit and finances so that you can spend more time living better

This Week in Money Management: The Every Little Penny Counts Edition

When it comes to budgets, it’s the small costs that can kill your savings and debt repayment goals. Check out this list of small ways to put away a little extra and save on your next purchase, compliments of our favorite bloggers from around the web.

Tired of Bank Fees Increasing? Here’s How to Strike Back at Your Bank

Was Bank of America’s new debit card fee the last straw for your banking frustrations? The big banks seems to be offering little help to the struggling families, but some research and effort, you can not only fire your bank, but find one that fits your needs perfectly and enables you to grow your wealth, not its own.

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