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3 Big Reasons to Avoid Title Loans

A title loan is a short-term loan that uses the borrower’s car as collateral against default. If the borrower does not repay the loan, the lender can take possession of the vehicle. Title loans are typically limited to 25 to 50 percent of the car’s value, and the repayment period is usually short (often just

5 Loans of Last Resort & Why You Should Avoid Them

Studies show that 15 percent of Americans save nothing, and many don’t have friends or relatives who can — or will — lend them money. In these cases many consumers end up turning to what we call “loans of last resort.” Before you choose one of these options, we want you to know what you’re getting yourself into. Here are five loans of last resort, and why they aren’t so consumer friendly.

This Week in Money Management: Top Credit Secrets Exposed

This week we’re sharing concrete tips for leveraging your credit and finances so that you can spend more time living better