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How to Get Free Financial Help

You don’t have to be buried in credit card debt to need financial guidance. In fact, most of us don’t manage our money perfectly. Money management and wealth creation are not skills that people are born with. They must be learned. If you don’t have access to a mentor who has excellent personal finance skills

10 Things You Should Be Doing to Protect Your Identity

In a moment, identity theft can cause you huge expense and massive headaches. What an identity thief accomplishes in an hour or day can take years to unravel. It can happen to anyone, and the perpetrators are not always strangers. Take a few simple, basic precautions to protect yourself. Shred everything. Not just last month’s

The Importance of Monitoring Your Credit Reports

How many of you claimed your free credit report cards this year? You do realize that employers, lenders, insurance companies, cellular service providers, and utility providers all have the ability to legally review your credit reports as part of their decision making processes, don’t you?  For this reason alone, checking and monitoring your credit reports

Credit Sesame Now Offers Free Credit Monitoring

This week, we released the first-ever free credit monitoring service that tracks Experian data. Now staying on top of your credit is easier than ever.

Credit Card Breach: It Can Happen to Anyone, Do You Know What to Do?

This latest breach is one of a long list of companies –including Zappos, SONY, Epsilon, Michael’s and the New York Yankees — that have put millions of consumers at risk, and is proof that no one is exempt. Find out what you need to do to make sure you’re protected.