The Pros and Cons of Cash-Back Credit Cards

While Jimmy Fallon has presented the pros and cons of joining Ello dating Britney Spears, and watching Game of Thrones he’s yet to “weigh the good with the bad” when it comes to cash-back credit cards on The Tonight Show. But with the holidays rapidly approaching, you’re thinking that this type of plastic might be good

What’s the Difference Between Prepaid Cards and Secured Cards?

People often confuse prepaid cards with secured credit cards but depending on your reasons for opening one of these cards, the differences can mean making the right choice — or the wrong one.

The Secrets to Crowdfunding Your Student Loan Debt

Do you remember the story from last year about the guy with a crowdfunding campaign that was raising money to make potato salad? It sounds crazy, almost 7,000 people participated in his Kickstarter project, raising more than $55,000. While crowdfunding sites still have their fair share of (ahem) unique fundraising requests, some twentysomethings are using

5 Credit Card Myths That Can Hurt Your Credit Score

Don’t be fooled by these common credit card myths. Provided you use them responsibly, credit cards can certainly be an asset in achieving an excellent credit score.

17 Ways Having Bad Credit Can Hurt You

Don’t think bad credit can hurt you? Here are 17 ways that show otherwise.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Applying for a Credit Card

If you’re in the market for a new credit card, there are a number of important factors that should never be ignored. Here’s what you need to know before applying for a credit card.

3 Smart Ways to Fund Your Dream Wedding

For many brides- (and to be fair, grooms-) to-be, the word frugal never enters their minds when planning their special day. So perhaps it’s not shocking that the average cost of a wedding is $31,213—an all-time high according to the latest research conducted by TheKnot in their 2014 Real Weddings Study. If you’re fortunate to

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