Ashley Tate

Ashley Tate

Ashley Tate is a freelance writer and the former Money Editor at Real Simple magazine, where she worked for almost a decade. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and standard poodle, Normandy.

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The Pros and Cons of Cash-Back Credit Cards

While Jimmy Fallon has presented the pros and cons of joining Ello, dating Britney Spears, and watching Game of Thrones he’s yet to “weigh the good with the bad” when it comes to cash-back credit cards on The Tonight Show. But with the holidays rapidly approaching, you’re thinking that this type of plastic might be good

4 Ways to Save on Closing Costs

Purchasing a house is anything from cheap. You’ve got the mortgage, the homeowner’s insurance, any necessary repairs and/or renovation expenses and of course, closing costs. These often-ambiguous fees, which are charged by lenders and third parties, include fees for running your credit, your attorney, an appraisal, title insurance and origination and underwriting your loan. Generally,

Starting Over With Credit Cards (After Botching It the First Time Around)

During your younger years, you used plastic—a lot. So much so that you decided to go cold turkey in order to get out of the mess you’d gotten yourself in. (As in, you had racked up so much credit card debt that you couldn’t even afford to make the minimum monthly payments.) After several rocky financial

Financial Basics Every Teen Needs to Know

Right now, driving your son to sports practices and games, hounding him to do his homework, and reminding him that despite being in his late teens, he does have a curfew dominates your daily schedule. But even with the jam-packed schedule, it’s vital that you take the time to talk dollars and cents with your

What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Child From ID Theft

Both you and your spouse are diligent when it comes to protecting yourself against identity theft. You check your credit reports regularly and make sure there aren’t any suspicious charges on your credit cards after each billing cycle. It’s never occurred to you, however, that your son or daughter’s identity could be stolen. According to

4 Credit Card Traps College Students Fall For

Unfortunately, the first time many college students use a credit card is after they’ve moved out from mom and dad’s house. They’re told to use it only in times of emergency — but before long, it’s being swiped to pay for new clothes, concert tickets, and orders of chicken strips and tacos at 3 a.m.

Help! I Just Got Married and My Spouse Is Drowning in Credit Card Debt!

On the first date, you talked about your likes and dislikes. During your second date, you shared your backgrounds and hopes for the future. And on the third, fourth, fifth and all subsequent outings, you spoke about every topic under the sun — except your finances. And unfortunately, it wasn’t until after you said “I