Ashley Tate

Ashley Tate

Ashley Tate is a freelance writer and editor. Her work has appeared in numerous print and digital publications, including Money, O: The Oprah Magazine, Good Housekeeping, PureWow, Women's Health, and NationSwell. Previously, she was the Money Editor at Real Simple magazine, where she worked for almost a decade. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and standard poodles, Normandy and Hugo.

How to Keep Medical Debt From Damaging Your Credit

Forty-three million Americans have overdue medical debt on their credit reports, damaging their ability to borrow money or receive a good interest rate on a loan. Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that 52 percent of all overdue debt on credit reports is the result of unpaid medical expenses. Here’s what you need to know to keep medical debt from damaging your credit.

7 Easy Ways to Save Money on Airfare

To keep airfare from eating up the majority of your travel budget on your next vacation, try one (or several) of these quick and easy tips.

27 Reasons Why You Need to Know What Your Credit Report Says About You

When it comes to your credit report, you follow the financial pros advice: You request a copy of it every year and scrutinize it for any errors. After all, it’s a V.I.D. (very important document) that affects more than just your financial status — it can affect your entire life, too. No, we’re not exaggerating.

4 Sneaky Credit Card Charges to Watch

We’ve all heard financial experts say this a million times: Look over your credit-card statement each month. While the advice is commonplace, few of us actually follow it. After all, who really wants to read through the entire list of charges to verify that they’re all correct? While doing so is tedious, it really is

Simple Strategies for Building Your Retirement Savings

The IRS recently announced an increase in the annual contribution limit for 401(k), 403(b), most 457, and Thift Savings plans. Previously, you could only set aside $17,500 in your retirement account, but starting in 2015, that amount jumps to $18,000. If you can’t put that much in savings, don’t beat yourself up. You can still

35 Ways to Keep Costly Thanksgiving Leftovers From Going to Waste

There’s the turkey, cranberries, Brussels sprouts, bread, and sweet potatoes. There’s also corn, herbs (sage, thyme, rosemary, and parsley), new potatoes, apple cider, and butter — lots of it. And of course, canned pumpkin, canned cranberry sauce, and all the ingredients for stuffing. With all this and more listed on your supermarket receipt, it’s no

The Secret to Smoother Holiday Travel

While generosity is at its peak around the holidays, this time of year also brings out the worst in people. For those of us traveling, there’s crowded airports, unexpected snowstorms, a sub-compact waiting for us at the rental counter instead of an SUV — the list goes on. But fortunately, one small piece of plastic