How Fast Can You Raise Your Credit Score?

Your credit score is an important part of your financial life. It determines whether you’re able to get approved for things like credit cards, car loans and mortgages, as well as what kind of interest rates you’ll pay. While there’s no secret on how to increase your credit score overnight, there are some ways you

Why Are There Different Types of Credit Reports and Different Credit Scores?

We asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers to share their most pressing personal finance questions. Credit expert John Ulzheimer, answers below.

How Late Payments Affect Your Credit Report and Late Payment Credit Score Impacts

Whenever you make a late credit card payment on one of your current liens or debts, such as a credit card, it will have negative effects on your credit report card. Banks and lenders are very strict on the payment history of an applicant who is requesting a new loan. If the credit report even

Experian vs. TransUnion vs. Equifax: What’s the Difference?

Credit reports can be quite confusing to people because there are three credit reporting agencies that provide different credit scores. The main agencies in the United States are Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Any time you go to the bank and apply for a loan, they will check your social security number through one of these

How Chase, Citibank and Bank of America Handle Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is on the rise and banks are constantly implementing new forms of identity theft protection into the products and services they offer to their customers. By federal law, everyone is entitled to some level of fraud protection against unauthorized use of their debit or credit cards. Chase, Citibank, and Bank of America have

Best Schools for Your Buck

Get the Best Schools for Your Buck at These Universities As college tuition continues to soar, students cannot afford to overlook expenses when selecting a university. In fact, a recent poll of 500 college graduates on student debt, conducted by Credit Sesame, (a company offering free credit scores), revealed that 33 percent of millennials chose a

Credit Sesame’s Best Travel Credit Cards for 2016

Summer blues got you down? A vacation could be just the escape you need, without breaking the bank! Rewards cards can help make your dream vacation a reality, so look through our top travel credit card picks. Find a card that is a fit for you, for example, that has flexible redemption options for airline

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