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How Much House Can You Buy With $250,000; $500,000; $1 million?

How much house can you afford? To give you an idea, we created this interactive infographic, based on median property values in 63 metro areas in the U.S. Follow the directions below and find out how many square feet you can buy for $250,000, $500,000 and $1 million.

Buying A Fixer-Upper? Here Are Some Things To Consider…

Rates may be at their lowest for 2011, home prices down to 2002 levels, but that’s still too expensive for many first-time home buyers. This flowchart will help you decide if you should buy a fixer-upper.

How to Detect Counterfeit Money

How do you detect counterfeit money? Read our infographic for the key security features used on real dollar bills, as well as some basic ways to examine your money if you suspect you’ve been duped.

Are Your State’s Property Taxes Too High?

In 2009, New Jersey home owners paid an average of 27 times more in property taxes than property owners in Louisiana. How does your state compare? The details in this interactive infographic.

Extreme Makeover: Home Addition

Which home improvements pay off? Our latest infographic has the numbers, room by room.

Where Do Natural Disasters Most Affect Home Insurance Costs?

We take a look at average annual property losses (on a per-household basis) and average home insurance costs, using the the latest data available: 2000-2009 for property losses, and 2008 for insurance costs.

Rent vs Buy: What the Numbers Show In Your City

With housing prices now down to 2002 levels, many people who previously shied away from real estate are now thinking of locking in a deal. Not so fast! Our infographic shows you where prices may yet have to fall for owning a home to make better sense than renting.

How to Detect a Dishonest Mortgage Loan Officer

Predatory mortgage loan officers are all but out of business thanks to new, post-mortgage crisis regulations. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should trust your lender wholeheartedly. Here are some of the red flags that your loan officer may not be completely honest with you.

The Housing Hunt Starts Here: Credit Scores, Home Sales, Prices by State

House hunting this year? As we enter the busy season for home buying, it’s a good idea to do a little research on the real estate market in your area. Based on millions of homes sold within the past several months, we put together this guide to get you started.

Will Smartphones Replace Your Wallet?

Not long ago, we wondered if credit cards would replace cash at the register (they did). Now, it seems even credit cards may be facing new competition — from smartphones. As more and more people arm themselves with smartphones, they are not only using them to make calls, browse the internet or play games. They’re… Read More