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This Week in Money Management: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle for the Holidays


Many Americans will be focusing on ways to save a buck or two this holiday season, and it can be easy to dismiss “green” options as being out range for a trimmed-back budget. Fortunately, some of the most frugal festivities are also better for the environment. Here are our picks for savvy spending shortcuts that will make Mother Earth smile.

1.  Making big purchases, like exercise equipment, doesn’t have to rob you of all your cash.  Consider trading in your old, unwanted equipment to shave a good percentage off the final bill – avoid putting more junk in a landfill; Money Ning gives you tips for getting the most money back this holiday season.

2.  Store-bought wrapping paper can appear gaudy and commercial.  Wise Bread gives you a few handy pointers to creating a more memorable gift experience with recycled materials!

3.  Missing a few spices from your holiday baking arsenal?  It’s possible to use what you have on hand, saving time and money in the long run.  Bargain Babe shares a few trusted substitutions for pricey ingredients.

4.  Deck the halls with LED and save!  Northern Cheapskate explains just how much less energy you’ll use by trading in your old bulbs for LED lights, as well as where you can drop your old ones off!

5.  Check your tire pressure…. Or else.  Dr. Dean over at the Millionaire Nurse Blog spins a cheeky tale of just what can happen when your tires get low, as well as reminds us why it’s better for our wallet and the environment to keep an eye on it!

6.  Have a happier holiday by reusing everyday items.  Real Simple shares a clever list of over 40 items (including cupcake liners, confetti, and paper clips) that you can re-purpose for a cheerier atmosphere this season!

7.  Wanting to really tone down the holiday spending hangover?  Go retro! Learn Vest shows you how to do all those little things that make Christmas more like something out of a Norman Rockwell picture (and less like an exercise in overindulgence and waste.)

8.  Should you bother wrapping gifts before your airline travel?  This update from Bundle suggests you may want to avoid it (especially if you don’t want to wrap twice this season.)

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