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Biggest Budgeting Mistakes: Are You Guilty?

We’ve all heard over and over again that having a budget is important but I think it sounds just like a diet. And we all know what that means, whether its shoes or ice cream: “I can’t have it.” So I’m not surprised to see rates of Americans with budgets decline this year again according

Daylight Savings: Springing Ahead Could Leave Your Finances Falling Behind

Setting our clocks ahead an hour this weekend for daylight savings may have made it easier to stay up late watching Jimmy Fallon reinvent the Tonight Show, but it also makes it harder to get up the next morning since the 6 a.m. alarm still feels like it’s only 5 a.m. The fatigue you feel

The Friday Effect: Don’t Let Friday Bust Your Budget

In a TGIF state of mind? If so, be careful. The one day of the work week that makes all the others a little bit more bearable might turn out to be more than your budget can bear. Fridays can have you spending more on food and drink than you do on other days of

How Being Financially Responsible Benefits 3 Main Areas of Your Life

Managing your finances responsibly doesn’t just benefit your bank account — it can also help to improve other areas of your life, like your health and relationships. Here are three areas of your life that by simply creating a basic financial plan can help you stay happy and healthy. 1. Health Studies have shown that

Want to Stick to a Budget While Dining Out? Order First

It turns out whether you’re going out with a group of friends or sharing a power lunch with co-workers, researchers at the University of Illinois found the person who orders first makes the food choices that are best for their budget. But in addition to being able to ditch his menu the quickest, the person

4 Lesser-Known Ways to Budget This Holiday Season

If you haven’t budgeted for the holidays but you’re not looking to spend a fortune, try one of these easy, lesser-known ways to budget and save money while still giving great gifts that your friends and family will love. 1. Don’t buy all at once. If you haven’t been budgeting for the holiday season, buying

Can Shopping in High Heels Save You Money?

Let’s face it, sticking to a budget when shopping is tough. And shopping for a big-ticket item on a budget can be especially difficult if you’re suddenly staring down an amazing sale or unexpected deal on an item you can’t afford. Before heading out to the store, it’s wise to check – and double check

15 Tips for Sticking to a Monthly Budget

Having a monthly budget is a hallmark of adulthood. However, sticking to a monthly budget is easier in theory than in practice. But as with any other skill, staying on budget gets easier with regular, consistent practice. Here are 15 tips for staying on track with your monthly budget. 1. Pay your savings “bill” first.

Freelancers: How to Budget for an Irregular Income

Are you part of the new freelance economy? What you need to know for your money!

How Reworking Your Personal Budget Can Boost Your Credit Score

There are a few key facts about your credit score that most people already know, but what about less common tips about how to change the way you manage your debt? What about the unspoken truths behind increasing your credit score?

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