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The Most Powerful Weapon in Fighting Identity Theft and Cybercrime

Most experts agree that the most powerful weapon in fighting identity theft and cybercrime is lodged right between our ears. Our awareness and vigilance are the greatest defenses we all have, simply because the decisions and choices we make can determine our vulnerability to these threats. Credit Sesame identity theft and security expert, Neal O’Farrel, shares insights on how financial institutions can help consumers stay vigilant — by taking a stand and becoming the security and trust anchors in communities across America.

Ask the Expert: Should I Pay My Taxes With a Credit Card?

April 15th is tax day, and represents the Internal Revenue Service’s tax filing deadline for the year. If you owe money to the U.S Treasury or your state’s tax authority, you’ll have to either mail your payment that day or file for an extension. Filing for an extension means the interest clock will begin ticking,

Why Obsessing for a Perfect Credit Score Is a Waste of Your Time

Aiming for a perfect credit score? You’re not alone. After having his credit scores plateau in the 800-817 range for months, a Credit Sesame user writes in for advice on how to reach that perfect 850 credit score. John Ulzheimer, credit expert for Credit Sesame, answers.

How to Avoid a Tax Audit

It’s April. And along with chirping birds and warmer weather, the arrival of this month means it’s also crunch time for filing your taxes. If even thinking about the taxman causes you to break out in hives from fear of being audited, calm your nerves. After all, the IRS audits only about one percent of

Financial Abuse Against the Elderly, Protecting Aging Parents From Financial Fraud

Financial abuse against the elderly is real and costly. Some estimates put the total loss at $37 billion each year. While many abuses are instigated by strangers who prey on society’s most vulnerable, many losses are caused by people the victims trust. Here’s what you need to know to protect aging parents from financial fraud.

The Alarming Reality of Medical Identity Theft, A New Frontier In Crime

Of all the types of identity theft consumers have to worry about, the greatest nightmare is medical identity theft. As more criminals get their hands on more medical data, millions of Americans will face the alarming reality of medical identity theft.

How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft During Deployment

The geographic mobility and emotional vulnerability that comes with service to country before self make military households an appealing target for crooks. If you’re a member of the military, here’s what you need to know to protect protect yourself from identity theft during deployment.

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