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Why Do I Have So Many Different Credit Scores?

After getting inaccurate and conflicting information a reader wrote in looking for clarification and an accurate answer about why we have so many different credit scores. John Ulzheimer, credit expert for Credit Sesame, explains. “John, I’m confused about why I seem to be getting different credit scores from different sources.  I was able to get

100 Cities in 100 Days: Raising Awareness About Identity Theft, Cybersecurity & Privacy

We now live in a world consumed by digital dangers. Threats are everywhere— from our cyber safety, to our identity, to our privacy. Data breaches continue to expose our most sensitive information to the most dangerous criminals. Experts say that privacy is now a thing of the past, that hackers are unstoppable and that in

Credit Sesame’s Best Travel Credit Cards for 2015

Summer blues got you down? A vacation could be just the escape you need, without breaking the bank! Rewards cards can help make your dream vacation a reality, so look through our top travel credit card picks. Find a card that is a fit for you, for example, that has flexible redemption options for airline

Can My Employer Check My Credit Score?

The majority of credit scores are used by lenders, but what about employers? Can employers check your credit score? Is this even legal? John Ulzheimer, credit expert for Credit Sesame explains.

Tips for Improving Your Credit, Starting With Your Payment History

What do you have in common with over 220 million of your peers in the United States? You all have credit reports maintained by the three national credit reporting agencies; Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. And on your credit reports is a collection of information that reflects how well, or how poorly, you’ve paid your creditors. Credit Sesame’s credit expert, John Ulzheimer shares tips for improving your payment history to improve your credit scores.

Links We Love: 5 Ways to Protect Your Money When You’re Traveling Abroad

This week we’re highlighting five ways to protect your money when you’re traveling abroad, seven personal finance milestones ever 20 and 30 year old should hit — and more!

Protecting the Elderly From Identity Theft

It’s in the nature of thieves to prey on the most vulnerable. It’s up to the rest of us to get in their way. The best defense we can offer to protect the elderly is our vigilance on their behalf.

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