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Cancelling Cable—Without Changing Your Viewing Habits

How much time do you spend in front of the TV? According to the ratings company Nielsen, the average American spends a whopping 20 percent of their day watching television. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re viewing it on a traditional screen—or even that you’re a cable or satellite television subscriber.

5 Easy Ways to Make Yourself Contribute to Your Savings

Regardless of how much money you earn, and regardless of your personal monthly budget, there are several ways to ensure that everyone can afford to save on a regular basis.

Extreme Couponing: A Way to Save or a Big Waste?

Even though the savings of extreme couponing are undeniable, the reasons for avoiding this practice are also obvious.

No Scam: You Can Find Free Money Online. Here’s How I Got $368

(source) How happy are you when you find a five dollar bill lying in the gutter?  How would you feel if you found $368?  Well, that’s what happened to me recently. No, I didn’t exactly find it on the sidewalk but it was almost as easy. This MarketWatch article caught my attention about unclaimed property

Where to Keep Your Down Payment Savings: The Good and The Ugly

A down payment on your first house is probably the largest single sum of cash you'll ever put together outside of retirement savings. Where should you stash that cash? Here are three options to consider — and two to stay away from.